General Applications For Pyramid tea bag Packing Machine

Easy to brew, beautiful appearance, and can maintain the tea flavor well, the triangular bag meets the high-quality tea bags we expect.  The triangular structure provides space for tea leaves to move around with ease,  when brewing hot water, all the tea flavors can be completely released into your cup. Not only that, pyramid bags allow space for packing larger particles, like dry fruit pieces, flowers, and spices.

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                 Whole Leaf Tea                                                         Blend Tea                                                        Scented Tea                                                             fruit Tea

Supportable Bag Styles

The pyramid tea bag is made from a special film roll with tagged strings or hanging ears.  the tea raw materials were weighed by the scale and packed into a small forming bag,  and then been cut off by sealing equipment. Our tea packing machines can versatilely adapt to on your demands.

Packaging style

  filter tea bag (1).png         6377775501369234678928045.png               pyramid tea bag (3).png

                    Flat tea bag(naked)                                                                       Triangular tea bag(naked)                                                       Triangular bag with nitrogen filled outer bag


Our Tea Bag Packaging Machines

Our factory has several technical patents for pyramid tea bag packaging machines. With a full range of tea packaging equipment for triangular bags, we can provide reliable tea packaging equipment for teabag manufacturers of all sizes. You can choose the appropriate combined or integrated inner and outer triangular bag packaging machines according to their own factory layout.

Pyramid shape tea bag machine

Our packing equipment provides produces triangular bag or flat bag options.

· 2 heads combined weigher(4heads and 6heads are optional)

· Color touch screen interface, easy to operate

· The ultrasonic sealing technology provide an excent sealing.

4 weigher pyramid tea bag packing machine.jpg

Triangular Tea Bags Machine with outer envelope

Combined with the outer bag packing machine, the inner and outer tea bag can be made.

· Easy to Operate and Reliable Performance

· Nitrogen Flushing is available

The outer bag is heat-sealed on three sides.

tea bag packing machine detail.jpg

Horizontal triangular bag packing machine

Six-heads scale is more suitable for the packaging of mixed tea and formula tea.

· The inner bag packaging and outer bag sealing can be combined or run separately.

· It is more convenient to add tea raw materials.

· Modular design for easier maintenance

6 weigher pyramid tea bag packing machine with outer bag.jpg    6 head pyramid tea bag packing machine.png

Integrated pyramid bag packing machine

Triangular tea bag macking and outer bag sealing can be used alone or in combination.

· Integrated design, do not take up extra space

· Suitable for small tea packaging enterprises

· Fast Packing and Excellent Sealing

integrated pyramid tea bag packing machine.jpg    Triangle package integrated packaging machine.jpg

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