General Applications For Our Coffee Bag Packing Machine

Coffee Comes in a Variety of Package Formats. Our factory provides packaging solutions for different forms of coffee products, from coffee beans, ground coffee, coffee powder.


                                       Ground coffee                                         Instant coffee powder                                            Tea powder                                          Coffee beans

Supportable Bag Styles

Chances are you have done some research, as an important consumer product, coffee has a lot of packaging styles. Good packaging guarantees maximum yield in terms of quality and aroma.

Packaging style


                                            Drip coffee bag                                           Flying saucer drip bag                                         Stick pouch                                               Gusseted bag

Packing Materials


                                          Drip coffee bag roll                               Upgraded hanging-ear bag suits                                  Foil film roll                                        Premade bags

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Our Coffee Bag Packaging Machines

To get your coffee into the optimal packaging, you need to select the right packaging machine. Our factory pays more attention to the packaging of coffee products, including ground coffee packaging, instant coffee packaging, and drip coffee bag packaging.

All of the coffee packaging machines can be manufactured entirely in 304 stainless steel, in addition to the parts in contact with the product.  Utilizing a convenient pouch packing machine to fill and seal coffee powder products efficiently and hygienically. Besides, the modular design concept enables our coffee powder packing machines simple to install, modify, clean, and maintain.

Drip Bag Coffee Power Packing Machine

Accurately weighed and hermetically sealed in the drip hanging-ear bag, your coffee can transfer seamlessly to the secondary outer bag. The machine is suitable for ground coffee, tea, and small particulate material

· MAP Packaging Technology is Optional

· Ideal for the Single-Serve Coffee Packaging

· The ultrasonic sealing technology provide an excent sealing.

Reciprocating Coffee Stick Pouch Packing Machine

This sachet stick pack packing machine is suitable for different kinds of powder product packing. Such as tea powder, protein powder, solid drink mix, coffee powder, ect

· Easy to Operate and Safe Operation

· Automatical measuring, filling, bag making, printing

· Pneumatic driving mode

3 in 1 Coffee/Tea Powder Sachet Packing Machine

Automatic coffee powder sachet filling and sealing machine for stick bag, three and four side seal sachet.

· Super Easy Manipulation

· Suitable for a variety of powder materials.

· Reasonable price, suitable for small businesses

Premade Pouch Roasted Coffee Beans Packing Machine

Automatic weighing filling and sealing coffee beans into the customized high-class premade pouch.

· Stainless Steel Appearance with Reliable Compact Structure

· Variety of Bag Types, like doypack bags, handbags, zipper bags

Efficient Automation and Intelligence

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