Easy To Operate Nuts Snacks Sachet Food Packing Machine

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Easy To Operate Nuts Snacks Sachet Food Packing Machine


Loose solid material, such as puffy food, shrimp roll, peanut, popcorn, cornmeal, seed, sugar and salt etc. which shape is roll, slice and granule.


Machine Features

     1. The whole machine is made of 4.5mm thick stainless steel plate, which ensures its durability and long service life. After electroplating and 

polishing, the surface is smooth and easy to clean, wear-resistant not easy to dirty

     2. Automatic Measuring: Designing of automatic rotating measuring cup,can Reduce the extrusion and collision of the original product materials. 

The range of the volume cup can be adjusted according to the actual production situation.

     3. Controllable Power System:With the High-power motor + turbine gearbox, the machine has strong controllable power which can support the 

machine keep on working in 24-hours.

     4. Colorful touch screen: Multi-language can be chosen by yourself, the operator can set the parameter easily and accurately.

     5. Panasonic dual-frequency control, stable operation.

     6. Step motor: Double-direction pull film structure, not easy to pull loss and have high precision, less electromagnetic loss, high conversion rate.

     7. It can be equipped with a code printer to print the date and batch number automatically.

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Product Information

     This is a small measuring cup type particle packaging machine that adopts the advanced small sachet technology. It can complete the three-side 

seal,four-side seal bag, and pillow bag that the customer needs. Also, Packaging specifications can also be customized.  This packing machine is 

good at packing a variety of snack foods including chips, popcorn, beef jerky, trail mix, nuts, and much more.


Technique Performance



Packing speed

40-60 bags/min

Range of measurement


Bag size

(L)50-75mm (W)55-75mm



Driven Type


Total power


Packing material

Paper/the  polyethylene,nylon/polyethylene,tea filter paper,etc

Net weight


Overall dimensions

(L)640*(W)750 *(H)1850mm

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